Why running makes me a better upholsterer.

This August, I had the pleasure of participating in the Great River Ragnar Relay. For those of you who DON’T have a friend posting incessantly about their Ragnar experience, here’s a summary: A team of twelve runners climbs into two giant vans and spends two days covering two hundred miles, relay style. For fun. First you run. Then … Continue reading Why running makes me a better upholsterer.

Who needs upholstery classes??!!

About a year ago, I found myself at the cutting table in Hancock Fabrics, chatting with the sales clerk and my friend Ann while we waited for our purchases. “She teaches upholstery classes,” Ann told the lady, gesturing at me. “OH you don’t need upholstery classes!!!! You just take it apart and put it all … Continue reading Who needs upholstery classes??!!