Meet our instructors: Susan Woodcock

Susan Woodcock (Home Dec Gal) is a high end custom drapery professional living and working in North Carolina – in addition to client work, she does a good deal of teaching, both online and in person. She’s a frequent industry presenter and advocate for education.

She’s also delightfully approachable and truly genuine – my favorite kind of teacher in the whole darn world. 

Bragging rights. . .

book-coverAre about a mile long. Here are a few highlights:

How/where did we first meet?

We haven’t!!!! We were supposed to meet in Denver at the Craftsy Instructor Summit last year, but the east coast got buried in snow and Susan’s flight was cancelled, BOOOOO!!!!!!

So nobody is more excited than THIS GIRL RIGHT HERE!!!!!

When Craftsy first contacted me about, “Getting Started with Upholstery” the acquisitions editor sent a few class links to give me a sense of the platform: Susan’s first drapery class was one of those links.

I was so hooked. I’d struggled through a few drapery projects on my own, with books, determination, and much frustration – learning with Susan was SO much easier and more fun!!!!! She answered all these questions I didn’t even know how to ask, NICE!

What she’ll be teaching in June:

A drapery masterclass! Susan will be discussing technical and creative aspects of custom window treatments. Samples, samples, samples!!!! She’ll talk about current trends and how to create them for your home or for your clients.

Who should sign up?

Professionals and determined DIY warriors – if you want to know about creating beautiful custom window treatments, this class is for you!!! How often do you get to connect with ANY drapery professional, let alone a NATIONALLY RECOGNIZED drapery professional???? Uhhhhhhhh. . . . . never??? Be prepared to have fun, learn a lot, and leave inspired.

WHY should you sign up??

Susan lives in North Carolina – it’s entirely possible that she comes this way but once. I’m SO excited to have this class available in the Twin Cities!!!!!! Really, truly, it’s worth rearranging your schedule.

Where can you sign up?

Why, RIGHT HERE, thank you for asking 🙂

See you in St. Paul!


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