Meet our instructors: Steve Cone

Steve Cone is a familiar name to many of you – he’s been a teacher, writer, mentor and professional in the Twin Cities upholstery community for decades. Among many other
accomplishments, Steve:

  • Taught upholstery at Century College for 20+ years
  • Owned Cone Upholstery in St. Paul for 14 years
  • Wrote for The Upholstery Journal for 14 years
  • Wrote, “Singer: Upholstery Basics, Plus”
  • Has presented all across the country as an expert in the field of residential upholstery.

Why he’s the bomb (do people still say that? I’m going to say that)

In addition to being a solid all-around craftsperson (hello, he literally wrote the book), Steve is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of professional upholstery. He understands the business. And his custom service skills are the finest you’ll ever see.

Basically, he’s like the Yoda of upholstery. 

If you care to hear him in his own words, check out the BLOG POST I did with him last year

What he’ll be teaching in July:


Steve and I will be teaching together this summer, at two locations: Sioux Falls, SD and Outing, MN. We’ll be offering a daylong masterclass with presentations on several advanced upholstery skills, and conversations about the business of having a business.

Why I’m psyched

Firstly, I’m always delighted to teach with Steve: I like to think we offer a solid combination of insight and experience – where upholstery has been, and where we’re trying to go. We share a genuine passion for teaching, for quality customer service, for high standards in our work. We believe that a rising tide lifts all ships: Education means that our industry is stronger, and we all benefit together.

Secondly, for the first time we’re offering these events in partnership with other upholstery shops: Designworks Studio in Sioux Falls, SD and Anna’s Alterations in Outing, MN. So in addition to continuing education, these events offer the opportunity to network with fellow professionals, and even to peek inside their shops! For many of us, upholstery is a fairly solo path – what a treat to connect with peers who understand the challenges of professional upholstery!


Who should sign up?

Current and aspiring professionals. Not sure if you’re aspiring yet or not? Come on down (or up) – It’s a long, busy, friendly day among upholstery friends. We’re sure you’ll take something of value away!


WHY should you sign up??

It’s a great chance to get a lot of information and encouragement in one sitting. Steve started doing these workshops years ago specifically for folks who may be largely self-taught. It’s a way to provide education on common sticking points, things you won’t find on your own in books, or that you may prefer to learn in person. And again, it’s a wonderful chance to simply connect with fellow professionals! Upholstery is a journey of constant problem solving – it’s nice to have a think tank, isn’t it?

Where can you sign up?

For Sioux Falls: HERE

For Outing: HERE

Let’s all take a road trip!

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