October: Upholstery Awareness Month!

Get ready to celebrate, because October is Upholstery Awareness Month!!



A month-long opportunity to recognize, celebrate and share the skilled craft of upholstery.


Find share-worthy examples of upholstery work – that which impresses you, inspires you, amazes you. . . and share it! BE SURE when sharing someone else’s work that you have permission and it is properly credited! Use the hashtag #upholsteryawareness so we can all easily find, ogle and applaud craftsmanship at its best!


Everywhere! This is a global event, a chance to spread the upholstery love across any platform where you feel comfortable. I will be focusing on Instagram and Facebook, but feel free to take your revelries anywhere you like!


Upholstery is often invisible to the naked eye. Many of our most talented craftspeople operate in small workshops, largely under the radar. The average consumer has no idea how much time, skill and practice custom upholstery really requires. The most challenging portions of any project are often unseen – in the springs, the padding, the planning.

Happily, we now have amazing new tools for showing and sharing the upholstery process through photos and stories. Let your friends and followers see the craft of upholstery through YOUR eyes!


All through October – how often is up to you!  Set a goal that is ambitious but realistic. Weekly? Every other day???? DAILY??????


If you are a professional, a student, a supporter of upholstery – this event is for you! You’re all invited to be cheerleaders for the past, present and future of our craft.

No, no, no. . . WHO????

OH! WHO is the founder of Upholstery Awareness Month?? How did we find out?? That’s the best part . . .

One morning in September, an upholsterer woke up and texted his friends about Upholstery Awareness month. Those friends thought it was a great idea and messaged more friends. Those friends also thought it was a great idea, and here we are.

So who was the first upholsterer in this story?

Bruno Paulin-Lopez. Perhaps you’ve heard of him? 

Bruno Paulin-Lopez in his New York workroom

If you haven’t already discovered Bruno, now is a great time to do so – his work is sure to inspire and amaze.

Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 12.59.56 PM

Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 1.06.38 PM.png

You can follow him on Instagram, or check out this wonderful YouTube video that takes you right into his story and workshop!

(If you want to learn from Bruno, you can find him teaching at the British School of Upholstered Furniture  next month. In the U.S.? Follow Upholstery Education to get details on upcoming classes with Bruno)

And when his friends asked, “But Bruno, how do you know it’s Upholstery Awareness month?” he gave the best answer possible:


And in the end, isn’t that how good things happen?

One day, someone . . .  starts.

If we believe in the future of upholstery, it is up to us – ALL of us – to fight for it, to dream it, to build it.

How does upholstery survive? How do we ensure that skills are passed along? How do we move our rich history into a prosperous future?

We make it so.

Untitled design-9

Join us next month in this first-ever event. Let’s recognize and celebrate the skills and talents of those around us – Let’s show the world who an upholsterer is and what an upholsterer does <3

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  1. Love the idea of keeping g eyes open for interesting things that we take for granted! Like a chair! Great idea! Thank you!

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