What are you listening to? Recommendations for the workroom

One of my absolute favorite perks of being an upholsterer is that I often get to work with headphones in – in fact, it helps me focus and stay on task.

I may not have lots of time these days to read a physical book (alas alack!!!) but I nonetheless ingest a hearty diet of thought-provoking content.

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I believe I am not alone in this habit. How nice to have “company” on a long day at the shop.

So I decided to add a monthly feature to my blog: What are you listening to? Recommendations for the Workroom.

This first month, I’d like to share on the theme of COURAGE.

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I suspect that’s something we could all use, every now and again – whether we’re considering self-employment, or taking our career in a brave new direction, or simply putting our first boxed/welted cushion out into the world. . .

Courage is not easy and it is not free . . . but FEAR costs far more.

Fear costs us opportunities, rewards, relationships, and so much potential happiness . . .

So if you need a spoon full of medicine in the COURAGE department, I hope that these will fill the bill . . .

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Audiobook: (For the BIG project days)

You are a Badass:
How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life
by Jen Sincero

This had to be the first book I shared. If not for this book, I might not be here writing this post.

I am NOT a risk taker. I LOATHE uncertainty. So I spent years building a case against self-employment.

I told myself I wasn’t wired right. I told myself we couldn’t afford the risk. I worked in other people’s shops and then tried to  steer the ship where I wanted. Not shockingly, that frustrated all of us.

But I was afraid. And I wasn’t ready to be honest about the things I really wanted, because those things required RISK.

You are a Badass was the exact right book at the exact right time.

It’s a crash course in rewriting our self-defeating stories. It was the honest slap in the face I needed to stop being a weenie.

The title caught my eye, and I couldn’t resist – if it had been called something hippy dippy,  I probably would have walked away.

And it IS hippy dippy, so brace yourself.

But it’s tempered with humor and anecdote (and a bit of spicy language), which made it palatable enough to keep reading. . .

And I want you to consider yourself warned, here: Halfway through this book, I  walked up to my husband and said, “I think I need to quit my job” and HE said, “I’m going to take that book away.”

We’re both happy I read it now, but just be aware – this book might inspire you to do something crazy . . .


Podcast: (for the odds-and-ends project day)

The Sew Much More Podcast with Ceil DeGulielmo
(Episode #45 with Cynthia Bleskachek)


If you’re not already subscribed, you definitely need to be – conversations with workroom professionals???? Oh yes, please!

I promise not to make a habit of linking myself, but when I weighed which episode to share (they’re ALL encouraging) I remembered a few things Ceil and I discussed . . .

When insecurities are threatening to pull me under,  I’m often fortified by the transparency of others.

When we did this interview, my business was less than a year old, and I was still very much in the anxious throes of adjustment.


I was scared out of my mind. Daily. Almost constantly.

And I want you to know that. I want you to hear that.

But I also want you to know that I survived. And that it’s been worth it.

If fear is holding you back from where you’d really like to be, I hope you’ll take heart in knowing that you’re not alone.

My dog-eared copy of You are a Badass has a hand-written note in the front.
It says, “The unknown future is filled with possibilities.”

That’s my new story – what’s yours?

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Thank you for reading, and if you listen to books/podcasts, I hope you’ll enjoy these recommendations! I’ll be back next month with another couple of recommendations. In the meantime. . . What are YOU listening to???

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