We believe upholstery is an important skilled trade. And we believe there are quality candidates seeking to learn it.

FLC teacher, Cynthia Bleskachek, teaching student as they look at double welt detail on an antique sofa.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help more serious students and growing businesses successfully bridge the existing skill gap.

Upholstery, and reupholstery in particular, is dependent upon the presence of a skilled labor force, and healthy businesses. We are limited as a trade community by the number of hands currently equipped to do professional level work.

We provide intelligently designed training pathways that help prepare students to meet growing market demand within their own small businesses, or as apprentices within existing workrooms.

Our Values

  • Abundance – we will celebrate and support the success of our trade community and the many professionals and educators within it
  • Forward focused – we will seek out new strategies for bringing education to those who wish to learn, and embrace technology as a much needed tool for advancing skills training in upholstery
  • Perpetual improvement – we will acknowledge that we don’t know everything, and joyfully welcome the opportunity to keep learning and growing alongside our students
  • Honesty – we will live and share our truth about the successes and challenges of being in upholstery training today
  • Optimism – we will acknowledge obstacles but focus fiercely on opportunity.
  • Encouragement – We will seek to advance upholstery by pulling people up through education, not by pushing them down with judgement over things they do not yet know.

Dear students, colleagues and friends

We have made the difficult decision to close FLC. To read more about what this means, click here. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of your upholstery training journey over the last 6+ years – we can’t think of any community we are more proud to be a part of.


Cynthia Bleskachek & The FLC Team