DSC_3460-EditWelcome to The Funky Little Chair! My name is Cynthia Bleskachek and I’m a professional upholsterer, working and teaching in St. Paul, MN. A little about me . . .

I first started learning upholstery from my mom. She was a determined self-teacher who turned a basic set of sewing skills into a steady stay-at-home income.  For more of her story, check out my blog post: I’m an upholsterer: Diane Parlin

After graduating college with a degree in vocal performance, I did a good deal of reflecting and decided that professional upholstery deserved a much closer look. If you want my whole, rambling narrative, here it is.

But to make a long story very short, the more I learned, the more I loved: The history, the people, the projects, the skills.

For so many reasons, upholstery is my medium. I love old things. I love interesting things. I love comfortable things. And I love sharing this beautiful-but-under-appreciated craft with clients and students. I love that, in an age of so many disposable options, people still want to learn, fix, restore.

They just need to know how.

I’m delighted that you’re reading this. Whether you’re a student or a client, a hobbyist or just curious, I hope that you’ll find something about upholstery to love.


“Cynthia has been working as a professional upholsterer since 2001 and teaching since 2010. In 2008 she won a first place craftsmanship award through The Upholstery Journal for a tufted chair.

She was a featured presenter at the 2015 Minneapolis Junk Bonanza, with appearances on Kare 11 and Fox 9.  She’s also presented at numerous events for the PUAM (Professional Upholstery Association of Minnesota)

in 2014, she was contacted by Craftsy to help create their first online upholstery class, Getting Started with Upholstery, a class which now has a 5 star rating and over 6,000 enrolled students from all over the world.

She currently chairs the Education Committee for the PUAM and continues to look for new ways to share upholstery with both clients and students.”

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