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The value of a secret

I read a great book last fall called, “The Best Team Wins” One idea that really resonated for me was this: in the modern age,

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Who’s Having a Wobble?!

I learned a wonderful phrase last week from Louise Cornick over at Upholstery Education: Having a Wobble. Various dictionaries define “Wobble” as “to teeter or

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Building a Better Tomorrow

Last week, I listened to an episode of 99% Invisible on “social infrastructure” (Listen to it here: Episode 346 – Palaces for the People) Social

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Thank you, Manufacturing

Whenever someone talks about “upholstery as a dying industry” they inevitably point to the extremely low cost of most new furniture. Yup. When it came

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Our online courses are getting a new home!

We are delighted to announce that our online courses will soon have a new home! FLC has partnered with The Workroom Channel to transfer our most popular courses to their platform. That means this valuable content will continue to be available for years to come!

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