Boxed Cushion: Fundamentals

(FLC Upholstery 205 & 206)

Two courses to start your professional upholstery journey​





Required Tools and Supplies


Access to a sewing machine.

Recommended Continued Education

Course Overview

This double course encompasses the first two courses in our FLC Upholstery 200 program:  205 Boxed Cushion – Plain Seam and 206 Boxed Cushion – Welt.

It works well as a stand-alone experience, or as an introduction to the full 200 level training path. 

Boxed cushions are an ideal starting point for new professionals, as they involve many fundamental sewing skills that are essential for upholstery success across all projects and levels. 

Additionally, they are a popular stand-alone service that can be taken to market relatively early, while you continue to build a broader skill set.

This course walks you through two common cushion styles: Boxed Without Welt and Boxed with Welt. Students are introduced to professional processes for measuring, planning, cutting and assembling their cushion. Attention is given throughout to tool and supply selection, and Beyond This Course segments look at how to begin modifying and applying concepts to actual custom projects. 

Course Objectives

  • Increase sewing fluency. Demonstrate control of machine through a variety of common maneuvers, including turning corners, locking seams, and maintaining even seam allowance. 
  • Understand how to interpret and create a simple cut list and diagram
  • Accurately measure, cut and label parts for a cushion
  • Select and appropriately use professional tools and supplies for making a cushion (foam, batting, welt cord etc.) 
  • Use professional methods to align centers and corners of a cushion
  • Increase vocabulary and confidence for discussing custom cushions with a client
  • Plan a cushion to fit a specific space (such as a window seat)
  • Plan and execute a flow pattern match across a boxing and two panels. 

Frequently Asked Questions​

All you truly need is a sewing machine you are comfortable operating.  We DO demonstrate on a walking foot and discuss the advantages over a residential or straight stitch.

If you aren’t sure, this is a good place to start. Once you feel comfortable with the sewing, you can move right into the FLC 200 program and keep learning. 

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