Here at The Funky Little Chair, we’re passionate about education.

Our shop was designed with education in mind. Upholstery is easier with the right tools in the right space – and it’s way more fun with company. We have room to comfortably accommodate 4 students at a time, and all classes are supervised by experienced professionals.

Since most of our “classes” are open studio, you can expect to meet a mix of people and see a mix of projects – feel free to peek around and learn from your neighbor! Which class you belong in depends mostly upon your goals:

With the loss of degree programs in most states, we believe that access to quality education is critical to the future of our industry. Whether you’re a curious hobbyist or an aspiring pro, we’re excited that you’re excited about upholstery

.Weekend Warriors Workshop:

Interested in tackling a small project, or trying upholstery for fun? Start here! Weekend Warriors are a fun, quick weekend among friends.

Tuesday Advanced Open Workshop:

Want to dive deeper into more complex projects and advanced skills? Try a 6 week evening session. From out of town? Try an Advanced Open Weekend.

 Advanced Open Weekend 

Want to tackle a more advanced project, but can’t make it to the cities every week? Mark your calendar for a 3 day workshop with Cynthia Bleskachek.

Can’t make it to St. Paul? Cynthia will be teaching a 3 day open workshop in March at Workroom Tech in beautiful Tryon, North Carolina!


Upholstery Mentorship 

Thinking seriously about upholstery as a vocation? Join us for 9 months of hands-on upholstery education, skill building, networking and support.

Special events:

We occasionally host guest instructors or specialty classes. The best way to stay up-to-date on upcoming events is to join our email list.