Ready to try some upholstery, or take your skills to the next level? Great!

All our classes are lead by professionals who are not only experienced upholsterers – they’re also great teachers. They’re ready to make you feel welcome and to help you learn more about this challenging-but-beautiful craft.

Since most of our “classes” are open studio, you can expect to meet a mix of people and see a mix of projects – feel free to peek around and learn from your neighbor! Which class you belong in depends mostly upon your goals:

.Weekend Warriors Workshop:

Interested in tackling a small project, or trying upholstery for fun? Start here! Weekend Warriors are a fun, quick weekend among friends, and they’re great for out-of-town students. . . .

Advanced Open Workshop:

Want to dive deeper into more complex projects and skills? Join us for a 4 week session (or several!)

Professional Training events



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