Learning upholstery is challenging – especially now.

  • Local training (if you can find it) is generally for hobbyists. Student to teacher ratios are high, there’s too little structure, and NEVER enough hours
  • If you’ve knocked on shop doors you know – apprenticeships are equally absent. Very few workrooms have the capacity to train.
  • The internet is helpful but overwhelming. Sorting through content is tedious, and how do you know who to trust?
  • “Professional” events often involve travel and a hefty price tag. It might be worth it – but how do you connect enough dots to make the long leap from hobby to vocation?

The challenge is that professional ANYTHING isn’t one class – it’s a complex infrastructure.

And we’re missing most of it

Yet we know from the businesses and students we meet, that there ARE profitable opportunities for those who are qualified.

So how do you get there? If only there was a map. . .

That’s why we’re creating FLC Upholstery Training Systems – to better serve professional learners like you.

  • Students who are interested in upholstery as a career.
  • Students who recognize market opportunity and are working to meet it.
  • Students who are determined to learn, and willing to get a little creative about how they do it.

There are three pillars to our model:

1. Online Courses

The core of our program is a series of carefully designed video courses. It is the most convenient, accessible and affordable way to explore new upholstery skills.

Our courses:

  • Are designed and presented by experienced professionals
  • Include robust handbooks with written instructions, high-quality photos, self assessment and comprehension prompts, and related forms/resources.
  • Cover key skills and concepts in depth, so you’re prepared to move on to more advanced courses with confidence.
  • Are sequenced to give you the most marketable skills first in order to launch your career, start banking real hours, and keep learning.

2. Virtual Instructor Support

There is endless variation in furniture design (and student needs) Pre-formatted resources can’t possibly address everything – sometimes, you need focused, individual guidance.

Since classrooms are sparse, we’ve bridged the gap with Virtual Instructor Support – half hour video consultations to provide the customized assistance you’ll need along the way.

Our instructors:

  • Are hand selected for their technical skill and teaching aptitude.
  • Are actively employed in the upholstery field – often as small business owners.
  • Are familiar with all of our training resources and methods – and can point you at excellent outside resources when we don’t have something you need.
  • Will NEVER make you feel stupid for not knowing something – they are familiar with the challenges of your training journey because they’ve successfully navigated it themselves.

3. Hands-on Classes

Modern upholstery students can accomplish a LOT outside of the classroom – we’ve seen it. But hands-on instruction is a critical part of the learning journey. It’s the last 10% we just can’t achieve on our own. So when you’re ready, join us for a class and get the low-ratio high-quality training that only a live, experienced instructor can deliver.

Our hands-on classes:

  • Are taught by FLC certified instructors who are highly skilled in both upholstery and training.
  • Are designed to welcome you as an aspiring professional, approaching mastery within a skill set.
  • Integrate with our online tools so that you can arrive prepared to truly learn, and go home with tools to revisit what was covered.

There is a market for skilled upholsterers – and we want to help you meet it.

This ambitious training system is just getting started! We hope you’ll thoroughly explore what’s currently available, and join us as we continue to build.

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