Modern Upholstery Education

FLC owner and creator, Cynthia Bleskachek, working on a wingback chair.
What is “Modern Upholstery Education”? In trade speak, modern refers to furniture built with modern materials and methods. But for us, modern means so much more . . .
While upholstery has a long and rich history, we’re particularly interested in the future. How do we bring upholstery back to the table of still-relevant skilled trades? What is our role as educators in designing training that strives to serve today’s market needs? How can we effectively fold technology into our programming when the thing we are teaching remains so incredibly tactile?

When we say Modern Upholstery Education, we are casting an optimistic vision for the future, instead of holding to the past. We’re challenging ourselves, our students, and our professional community to rewrite the script on upholstery as a “dying industry.” Because we see plenty of opportunity here. We’ve seen the client interest, we’ve met the promising students, and we’ve worked in the overwhelmed businesses. But success will require innovation and fresh ideas.

We’re ready to train for technical excellence, professional execution, and vocational value. And we think many of you are ready, too.

FLC course content is moving - details to follow.

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