Building a Better Tomorrow

Last week, I listened to an episode of 99% Invisible on "social infrastructure" (Listen to it here: Episode 346 - Palaces for the People) Social infrastructure are the places, events and connections that bind a community together. Social infrastructure can include libraries, parks, trails, shopping districts, and all the events and gatherings that happen there … Continue reading Building a Better Tomorrow

Give yourself a raise, already: How to improve your hourly rate right now.

One especially vicious truth about professional upholstery is that quality and speed are two infuriating sides of the same coin. To do a good job, we must slow down. To make any money, we must speed up. This is a challenge for most upholsterers, but especially for NEW ones. It takes thousands of hours to … Continue reading Give yourself a raise, already: How to improve your hourly rate right now.

Is education really what we lack?

It's a work from home day for The Funky Little Chair - partly because it's 20 below in Minnesota and partly because we have a skills unit coming up. Next month, our mentorship group will tackle their first, "attached cushion ottoman" very exciting! I've done the sample project, tweaked my instructions, recorded all the video, … Continue reading Is education really what we lack?

Thank you, Manufacturing

Whenever someone talks about "upholstery as a dying industry" they inevitably point to the extremely low cost of most new furniture. Yup. When it came to price wars, manufacturing served us an A+ school yard beating. Still . . . does that mean we're doomed? The U.S. market is FILLED with options - from clothing … Continue reading Thank you, Manufacturing

Upholstery Voltron: A Business Model for the Future. . .

In our last blog post, we introduced the term, "strategic partner" as a mutually beneficial relationship between businesses or individuals. Today, I'd like to discuss strategic partnerships between upholsterers. At first glance, a strategic partnership with another shop may look like a conflict of interest. Aren't they competing for the same clients and projects? Well . … Continue reading Upholstery Voltron: A Business Model for the Future. . .

Strategic Partners: What they are and where to find them.

Last week, I had the AAAAAAAAMAZING experience of teaching at Custom Workroom Conference . Afterwards, I enjoyed a visit with two friends: Jeanelle Dech, founder of The Workroom Channel and The Curtains and Soft Furnishings Resource Library, and Ceil DiGuglielmo, host/creator of The Sew Much More Podcast. As we discussed the many challenges of running … Continue reading Strategic Partners: What they are and where to find them.

October: Upholstery Awareness Month!

Get ready to celebrate, because October is Upholstery Awareness Month!! What: A month-long opportunity to recognize, celebrate and share the skilled craft of upholstery. How: Find share-worthy examples of upholstery work - that which impresses you, inspires you, amazes you. . . and share it! BE SURE when sharing someone else's work that you have … Continue reading October: Upholstery Awareness Month!

Changing the conversation

There's a great line in MadMen where Don Draper tells Peggy Olson: "If you don't like what people are saying, change the conversation." And that, my upholstery friends, is what I'd like to discuss. Locally, we're headed into an uncertain year, pushing the boundaries of our little education model. Can we create better tools for … Continue reading Changing the conversation

The Upholsterer of the Future

About 5 years ago, I started teaching upholstery in NE Minneapolis. We were pretty successful with the hobbyists, but people kept asking, "Now how do you do this as a career?" I surely didn't know. I'm the daughter of an upholsterer, and still it's been a long, messy road. But it seemed like a question … Continue reading The Upholsterer of the Future