FLC Upholstery 200: Fundamentals

(Instructor Supported + Certificate Track)

This in-depth online program is designed to get your upholstery skills launched on solid, professional footing.



12 Weeks







Class Size

 8 max

Course List

205 Boxed Cushion – Plain Seam

206 Boxed Cushion – Welt

210 Slip Seat – Fabric

211 Slip Seat – Vinyl

212 Slip Seat – Boxed

215 Fabric for Upholstery

220 Coil Springs

225 Diamond Tufting

251 Basic Side Chair

290 Business – Marketing and Sales

296 Business – Financial

Required Tools and Supplies


REGISTRATION FOR FALL COHORTS IS NOW OPEN! PLEASE NOTE: Fall will be the LAST semester that an Instructor Supported option is available.  Spots are limited and will open in early August (Students will retain access to program materials – watch your email for additional details) Click here to learn more

Program Overview

Looking for certification? FLC Upholstery 200 (Instructor Supported and Certificate Track) is a structured, 12 week, online training program designed for students who are pursuing upholstery as a career. 

This program combines thoughtfully designed curriculum with instructor support and a peer group to keep students focused and moving forward. 

Each week, review a video lesson and complete a small project according to written instructions. Then, join your peers in an instructor-led cohort to ask questions and receive feedback.

Confirm your knowledge with quizzes and assessments along the way, submit project photos for a final portfolio review, and work with your FLC instructor to identify and achieve your training goals.

This program is entirely online, but students will need access to a basic professional set up, including a sewing machine they can comfortably operate, and project components. Equipment selection is discussed throughout the program for those who are learning independently.

Students should plan to spend approximately 8-10 hours per week completing course work.

Program Objectives

  • Accurately identify, select and use modern professional tools and supplies
  • Accurately name the components and steps associated with a simple project.
  • Demonstrate safe and consistent technique through all stages of a basic upholstery process.
  • Apply professional methods for determining yardage, including use of a cut list, cut diagram, and consistent labeling convention.
  • Apply professional methods for centering, tensioning and finishing fabric to simple frames.
  • Demonstrate mastery of basic sewing skills for upholstery, including turning and aligning corners, sewing smooth curves, and making welt cord.
  • Execute skills to build a simple modern foundation.
  • Execute multiple methods to close an edge with no visible staples or stitches.
  •  Increase familiarity with relevant business and marketing skills

Cohort Schedule

FALL 2022

Wednesday Cohort with Instructor: Michelle Minner

Date: September 14th, 2022 – December 14th, 2022
Time: 5:00pm-6:00pm CT
Day: Wednesdays
Term: Fall
Instructor: Michelle Minner
Location: Online

Thursday Cohort with Instructor: Carla Pyle

Date: September 15th, 2022-December 15th, 2022
Time: 11:00am-12:00pm CT
Day: Thursdays
Term: Fall
Instructor: Carla Pyle
Location: Online

What People Are Saying

Meet Our Instructors

Michelle Minner

Michelle Minner specializes in custom furniture upholstery and loves helping her clients bring their visions to life. She fell into the upholstery trade by accident. As a DIY blogger looking for a project she decided to try her hand at re-upholstering an old chair and fell in love with the transformation process. Self taught, Michelle is passionate about sharing knowledge and supporting fellow upholsterers.

Instructor, Michelle Minner, shares some helpful tips for creating a French Mattress Style Cushion.

Carla Pyle

Carla Pyle owns Natural Upholstery in Livingston, MT. An obsessive explorer, she has worked as a wildlife biologist, textile artist, furniture designer and upholsterer. She has been an active promoter of healthy upholstery since she helped develop a line of organic and sustainable furniture in 2009. She has been teaching modern upholstery since 2011, working with students using both conventional and natural/organic materials.

Instructor, Carla Pyle, shares words of welcome with her student cohort . . .

Frequently Asked Questions​

YouTube is wonderful for casual learners, but we’ve designed this program to serve those seeking a career in upholstery. All core videos and written material have been created exclusively for this program, with extensive attention given to details and processes a new professional needs to excel.

Absolutely – this program is for any student interested in learning at a professional level, but there’s certainly no obligation to pursue a career. DO NOTE that there is an assumption of access to professional tools and supplies. If you are hesitant to invest in equipment, we recommend attending a Weekend Warriors Workshop before, or instead of, registering for this program.

We have designed these particular courses to be completed in sequence, allowing students to build skills progressively from project to project.

We do offer an introductory double course – Boxed Cushion: Fundamentals which encompasses the first two courses of the FLC 200 program: 205 Boxed Cushion – Plain Seam and 206 Boxed Cushion – Welt. It works well as a stand-alone experience, or as an introduction to the full 200 level training path.

Not at this time, but Weekend Warriors is a great place to explore any of the individual skills covered in this program.

Absolutely YES. While there are many upholstery workrooms currently in need of a skilled employee, taking on an apprentice is INCREDIBLY challenging, due to the complexity and expense of training someone while also running a small business. Using an online training program is a great option for acceleration. FLC Upholstery 200 is carefully structured to walk apprentices through key skills and processes that they’ll need to thrive inside a business.

Actually, we designed this program largely based on individuals like you. We LOVE self-taught professionals, and have incredible respect for those who are coming in without well defined roads. But we also noticed a trend among many of the students we were seeing in person. Due to the unstructured nature of today’s training landscape, most students were coming into expensive, live workshops with skill gaps, and a lack of good professional habits and basic processes. This makes it very difficult to train effectively for intermediate and advanced skills. We wanted to make sure students had a more accessible option for reviewing fundamentals in depth and detail. Having a firm handle on critical skills and processes prepares you to move into higher level work with absolute confidence – AND it improves your quality, consistency and efficiency on the “easy” stuff.

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Dear students, colleagues and friends

We have made the difficult decision to close FLC. To read more about what this means, click here. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of your upholstery training journey over the last 6+ years – we can’t think of any community we are more proud to be a part of.


Cynthia Bleskachek & The FLC Team