Upholstery Mentorship


Our 2018-2019 group will be filled by invitation – if you are potentially interested in being part of this program next year, please email cynthia@thefunkylittlechair.com

Upholstery mentorship is a 9 month opportunity designed with the aspiring professional in mind. At it’s core, it is 5 hours each week of hands-on open studio time. Participants meet with Cynthia in advance to set individual learning goals for the year. Focus is on creating a “full” skill set, striving for professional workmanship and gaining speed/independence. In addition to technical skills, the mentorship program is meant to create an atmosphere of networking, collaboration and coaching for those who may be interested in exploring upholstery as a profession in the absence of degree programs. 2016-2017 participants who are returning this fall include Amy Otteson of Amy Oh Design, Lindsay Orwig of A Chick and a Chair Upholstery and Gabrielle Lindberg of Cotton Seed Designs.

Benefits for this group include:

  • Top-notch guest instructors, such as Steve Cone, author of, “Singer: Upholstery Basics, Plus” and Diana Shroyer-Guenther, president of the Professional Upholstery Association of Minnesota.
  • First registration opportunity for special events.
  • NEW THIS YEAR!!!! Free one-year student membership in the Professional Upholstery Association of Minnesota
  • Project and fabric storage
  • First look at potential job leads
  • Extremely low instructor/student ratio of 1:4

DATES: Tuesdays OR Wednesdays September-May

TIMES: 10am-3pm

COST: $300/month (includes basic tools and supplies)

FINE PRINT: Fee is considered a monthly tuition: there are no make-ups for missed classes (although students may connect directly to exchange days)  Fee includes use of most tools and basic supplies, though students may choose to bring their own tools if desired. Foam and fabric are available for purchase at a student discount. Projects being stored must fit in a 40″x40″x40″ space. Anything oversized must be taken home after class (or student can register for additional weekend workshops) Registration cost is a first and last month deposit ($600) While we hope participants can stay through May, we understand that circumstances can change. If you have to withdraw mid-year. we require a 30 day notice at which point your last month’s deposit will be applied and we’ll seek to fill the space.