VALUED STUDENTS: Our Minneapolis classes are momentarily on hold as we all work together to flatten the curve. We look forward to restoring events as soon as circumstances permit – it is always our honor to share upholstery with you. 

In the meantime, we encourage you to spend this time reading, practicing, and staying connected. 

It’s also an ideal time to explore our online tools. We’ve designed content that we believe is helpful on its own or in partnership with live training.  In short – we hope these resources will be effective as instruction for the moment, and as preparation for the future. 

Until we meet again <3 
The Funky Little Chair team

Welcome to the Funky Little Chair . . .

Ready to try some upholstery? Weekend Warriors is the perfect place to start! A quick 12 hour open workshop with all the tools, supplies and support you’ll need to tackle a simple project with confidence.

12 hours (Saturday & Sunday, 10am-4pm)
Instructors: Lindsay Orwig & Isaac Pollak

2019/2020 dates:

  • Sept 28/29 
  • November 9/10
  • December 7-8
  • January 4-5
  • February 8-9
  • March 7-8
  • April 18-19 FULL This class has been cancelled – we look forward to seeing you in the healthy future!
  • May 2-3 SPECIAL EVENT WITH GUEST INSTRUCTOR, MICHELLE MINNER FROM BLUE ROOF CABIN! (Please note, price for this special session is $325) This event has been postponed and will be rescheduled at a later date!
Michelle Minner, Blue Roof Cabin

Michelle Minner is the owner of Blue Roof Cabin located in Shelton Washington. She specializes in custom furniture upholstery and loves helping her clients bring their visions to life. She fell into the Upholstery trade by accident. As a DIY blogger looking for a project she decided to try her hand at re-upholstering an old chair and fell in love with the transformation process. Self taught, Michelle is passionate about sharing knowledge and supporting fellow upholsterers. She currently serves as a board member at large for the National Upholstery Association.


RECOMMENDED PROJECTS: These weekends are considered, “open workshop” but it’s strongly recommended that you choose a simple project – 12 hours goes fast! New students are encouraged to check out our Pinterest board, “GOOD FIRST UPHOLSTERY PROJECTS” or contact us directly to discuss options. Returning students are welcome to work on more complex pieces, though we may recommend prep/homework and you’ll likely need more than one weekend. When in doubt: PLEASE ASK. We’re happy to help!

Not permitted: oversized pieces, projects with major foundation issues, spring work, channeling, attached cushions or significant style changes. If you are interested in tackling more complex skills, please try a small project first and then check out our intermediate/advanced workshops. 

Once you’ve registered and paid using the links above, you will receive a follow-up email from your instructor with additional information. We’re looking forward to seeing you in the shop!