Criticism, part 1: How we give it

Criticism is a loaded topic in upholstery right now - so much destruction has been inflicted in the name of criticism. Done badly, with malice or haste, it has catastrophic power to demotivate, or shame people into hiding their uncertainties, instead of seeking out guidance. And yet, criticism is ESSENTIAL for growth. So how do … Continue reading Criticism, part 1: How we give it

In praise of (self) teaching

I once saw "creativity" explained in neurological terms as the ability to take new information and rapidly connect it existing information. This, in a nutshell, is what you need to succeed in upholstery. Because you never see things you've seen before: You see VARIATIONS of things you've seen before. The successful upholsterer, then, is one … Continue reading In praise of (self) teaching

Mr. Rando: why are so many upholsterers hiding from new customers?

I'd like to discuss someone. Let's call him Mr. Rando. Today or tomorrow, Mr. Rando may find your business. He may call, or stop in, almost certainly while you're struggling with a deadline. Mr. Rando doesn't know anything about upholstery - but he's curious! He has questions! He MIGHT even have a project! (But probably … Continue reading Mr. Rando: why are so many upholsterers hiding from new customers?

Who’s Having a Wobble?!

I learned a wonderful phrase last week from Louise Cornick over at Upholstery Education: Having a Wobble. Various dictionaries define "Wobble" as "to teeter or rock unsteadily" and "not properly balanced." Though these apply to the PHYSICAL experience of wobbling, they're incredibly applicable to our EMOTIONAL experience under uncertain circumstances. And I will be honest: … Continue reading Who’s Having a Wobble?!